Community Service

PSACC Community Service Application Form 2017-2018

Middle and high school students who are PS 107 graduates may apply for a volunteer position in the Community Service Program. Graduates will be assigned regularly scheduled jobs assisting Afterschool teachers and staff. They will learn through experience about the responsibilities and benefits of public service in a safe and fun atmosphere. Community Service jobs may include reading to younger children, helping with homework, playing board games or sports, and assisting in classes.

Community Service students serve as excellent role models in the PS 107 school community. Candidates for the Community Service Program should enjoy and be good at helping younger children and must be willing to take direction from Afterschool staff.

Parents/guardians of all prospective Community Service volunteers must complete PSACC Community Service Application before admittance into the program. The application includes a section where children can specify their area of interest. For more information, please contact the Executive Director, Sandy Phillips, at

Please make every effort to submit Community Service Applications by Wednesday, August 31, 2017.

Community Service applicants will not be permitted to participate in the Community Service Program until their parents/guardians have been notified of their acceptance in the program and informed of their assignments in the program.

There is no cost to participate in the Afterschool Community Service Program.

Schedule & Assignments
Community Service volunteer applicants are asked to commit to a set schedule of days and times of service. Volunteers are asked to include their areas of interest on the application in order to be scheduled to assist in those areas, if possible. The Executive Director will manage their day-to-day assignments and make adjustments, as needed or requested.

Attendance will be recorded when the volunteers sign-in and sign-out of the Community Service log book each day. The attendance binder is located in the PS 107 school office.

Behavior & Discipline
The PSACC Afterschool Program seeks to uphold the Community Standards established as the code of conduct at PS 107. The Afterschool Program staff is responsible for providing a positive experience for children; however, if a child cannot live within the PS 107 Community Standards, or if a child’s behavior adversely affects the experiences of other children, a child may be dismissed from the Afterschool Program. Parents are expected to discuss the policies of the Afterschool Program with their child, and ensure their child understands that a consequence of his or her unacceptable behavior could be dismissal from the Afterschool Program.

Click here to view the PSACC Behavior Policy Family Guidelines.  Failure to uphold the standards will result in dismissal from the Community Service Program.

If you would like more information regarding Community Service in the Afterschool Program at PS 107, or if your child will be absent on their scheduled day(s), please contact the Executive Director, Sandy Phillips, at The ED will also provide on-site support.