The Afterschool Program at PS 107 is led by the Board of Directors, which consists of volunteer parents whose children are currently enrolled at PS 107.  We have two paid administrative staff, Executive Director Sandy Phillips and Bookkeeper Deborah Nocella.  In addition, Diane DiTonno-Gilhuley retains her roles as both “heart and soul of Afterschool” and the PSACC Athletics Director.  Many of the regular teachers at PS 107 also work for PSACC, as do support staff such as School Security Officer Sharon Hosanna and the tireless custodial staff.  The Afterschool program works closely with the PS 107 Administration, without whom the program simply could not exist.

For the 2016-2017 School Year, the PSACC Board of Directors are:

Julie Bleha, Recording Secretary
Daniel Blanco, Board Member
Annie Del Principe, President
Nancy Dodd, Board Member
Rebecca Hutcheson, Board Member
Susie Jen, Outreach Director
Heather Miller, Treasurer
Julie Rosenberg, Communications Secretary
Bronwen Stine, Vice President

Please feel welcome to contact the Board via group email at board@psafterschool.org.