Afterschool Registration Timeline for 2017-18 School Year

Dear afterschool families,

It was such a pleasure getting to know your families this year, and I look forward to a great 2017-18 school year!  Listed below are some important information concerning the timeline and pricing for upcoming year.

Important Afterschool dates to note:
Fall Session Dates: September 7, 2017 to December 22, 2017
(September 26th– start of specialty classes)

Spring Session Dates: January 2, 2018 to June 25, 2018
(June 8th  – end of specialty classes)

July 3rd, 2017: General registration for grades open (without listing of specialty classes at this time).

July 23, 2017: Release of specialty class offerings and registration forms
Please note that all class placements will be done by lottery, rather than first come first served in order to have the fairest system possible. 

July 24, 2017 to July 31, 2017: Families wanting to register children for Afterschool, including specialty class requests, complete the Wufoo form noting: type of enrollment, days of the week for which you wish to register, choice of classes, and whether your family wants to be placed on an automatic payment plan.  All forms must be submitted by 5:00 pm on August 1st.

August 14, 2017: Families will be notified of class placements for their child(ren).

August 14 – 23th, 2017: Families go into their accounts to check schedule, confirm if they want to accept class placements, and pay the first installment for Afterschool or pay in full.  Families may only change enrollment type once per session (Fall and Spring), and all dropping and adding of classes must be made in writing.  In order to secure placement in Afterschool the first payment installment must be made by September 1st.

Annual Afterschool Fee for 2017 to 2018:
Yearly non- refundable registration fee per child for all registration types: $110
* This fee must be paid in full before your child/ children can attend Afterschool.
There is a $110 registration fee due per child, with an early bird discount of 10% off that fee if registered by August 20th.

Daily Afterschool Fees for Fall Term 2017 to 2018:
(Most economical choice for any student that will attend 1-2 set days per week.)

One-Day Enrollment (one set day per week) the cost is $105.00 per month (per child)

Two-Day Enrollment (two set days per week) the cost is $210.00 per month (per child)

Monthly Afterschool Per Child Rates for Fall Term 2017 to 2018:
(Most economical choice for families with children attending 3 or more days per week.)

One child is $345 per month

Two children is $638.25 per month ($345 + $293.25- includes a 15% discount on the second child)

Three children is $879.75 per month ($345 + $293.25 + 241.50- includes a 30% discount on the third child)

Afterschool Drop-in Fee 2017 to 2018:
(Best option for those who will not regularly need to attend.  Due to limited class space and the need for consistency within classes Drop-in enrollments are not able to register for specialty classes)
Drop-in Days: $30 per day

Please note: Prices are based on the cost of Afterschool from 2:40-6:00 pm and include snack, homework help provided by PS107 DOE teachers, free-play and specialty classes.  Holidays and days off have been accounted for in the prices listed above.  There are no discounts due to a child’s non-attendance for the full 3 hours and 20 minutes per day or non-attendance of days they are registered for.  We offer scholarships and encourage any family that is challenged to pay our tuition to apply.

We are very excited to have each of your families be part of our Afterschool community for the upcoming school year!

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions.

Sandy Phillips
Executive Director
Park Slope Afterschool Center